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  • Hhaha I feel like that all the time !! I will stay sober for a couple of days\nthen be like let's\nget fucked up for staying sober lol.

    Submitted by Beazt_Modez on Jul 8, 12 at 12:49am
  • Or the fact that you said "more sad" ..

    Submitted by queenv on Jul 6, 12 at 2:21pm
  • You know what's sad? Your waistline.

    Submitted by TheGODDAMbatman on Jul 6, 12 at 2:02pm
  • If nobody had to make bail, all is well.

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Jul 6, 12 at 5:21pm
  • I did that a couple weeks ago!

    Submitted by phillyb on Jul 7, 12 at 9:03pm