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  • Submitted by Kaylib2514 on Jun 21, 12 at 9:05am

    I wouldn't say that. Take it from a lesbian. Unless there was sex involved then it was just a shower with a topless lesbian.

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    Submitted by yewinnhard on Jun 21, 12 at 10:06am


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    Submitted by Hugin on Jun 21, 12 at 11:35am

    That's not really debatable. But it's also not something to worry about, as long as you had fun.

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    Submitted by lainie75 on Jun 21, 12 at 7:28pm

    I think the experience would totally depend on where your feet were placed.

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    Submitted by olderthanyou on Jun 21, 12 at 12:22pm

    I think I will need pictures to confirm, but I promise I am only looking at them because you want a second opinion ;)

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    Submitted by Kaylib2514 on Jun 21, 12 at 2:28pm

    Cascott325 what does a flesh and blood penis have to do with anything??? Women have sex with each other with out a cock ass

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      Submitted by cascott325 on Jun 22, 12 at 6:35am

      I was saying, she does not have a real penis, her penis probably has batteries and/or a strap (strap on), therefore saying, as long as neither were inserted into his rectum, he is not g@y, just a man bathing with a woman.

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        Submitted by porksword on Jun 22, 12 at 7:16am

        @cascott, I'm at a loss for words to describe your stupidity. Either that, or I'm a stupid male lesbian?

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          Submitted by cascott325 on Jun 22, 12 at 7:33am

          lol, well I am not stupid I can assure you. apparently I can't express my sarcasm well enough without an actual voice, so just say ha ha and we will all feel better

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      Submitted by HailCaeser on Jun 22, 12 at 10:41am

      You said cockass it made me chuckle

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    Submitted by rider88 on Jun 21, 12 at 12:54pm

    And I'll give a second opinion with olderthenyou

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    Submitted by harrypotter36 on Jun 22, 12 at 6:44am

    Huh. I assumed it was a couple of girls...

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    Submitted by michaeljto on Jun 21, 12 at 11:47pm

    Mmm, not really. I mean I'm a g ay male and I are my bestfriend's coocoo and tits all the time and she is a les bian... But hey, I bet that was an interesting night.

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    Submitted by cascott325 on Jun 21, 12 at 12:08pm

    she doesn't have a flesh and blood penis, it probable has batteries and/or a strap. so long as nothin went in your ass, you are good

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    Submitted by R_Shackleford on Jun 21, 12 at 5:35pm

    If two dudes in underwear took a bubble it would be very g ay, so yes, this is g ay too.