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  • Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 10, 10 at 12:31am

    OMG this is the funnies tfln I've ever read hahahahaahahhahahHahaha omg im totally buying this shirt hahahhahhahahhahahah this just made my life complete I can die a happy man now hahahahahahahahahahaha NOOOOTT!! Ps- fuck you

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 2, 10 at 7:37am

    This is stupid.

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 27, 09 at 7:27pm

    how did this get posted? I don't get why it's funny...

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 18, 09 at 5:14pm

    cuz this isn't spring semester...

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    Submitted by TheEvilPlatypus on Feb 21, 11 at 11:15pm


  • Submitted by cbailey1 on Jun 30, 10 at 8:58pm

    How the fuck does stupid shit like thia get posted where as funny ass stuff rarely does...

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    Submitted by Akdros on Sep 18, 11 at 11:17pm

    It's funny because he forgot a period at the end! Classic!