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  • Submitted by Phil_McCracken on Jun 13, 12 at 1:29pm

    Put the two together and you have something magical.

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    Submitted by TheAmy_ on Jun 14, 12 at 9:10pm

    Don't eat your emotions. You will get fat. Have fat hands, then even your vagina won't want it.

  • Submitted by pipe4tom on Jun 13, 12 at 7:22pm

    Just don't chew your hands off!

  • Submitted by Eightyeight on Jun 13, 12 at 1:13pm

    Eighty Eight

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      Submitted by SnidelyKWhiplash on Jun 13, 12 at 1:19pm

      number of times he was made to eat his "Uncle's" emotion lotion, after pulling it out of his ass.

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        Submitted by friskykitty on Jun 14, 12 at 3:35am

        I just threw up a little

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      Submitted by HailCaeser on Jun 13, 12 at 3:27pm

      Number of times he snowballed his"uncles" emotion lotion with his sister.

    • Submitted by kyguy87 on Jun 14, 12 at 7:36am

      the number of bullets that should penetrate your skull