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    Submitted by nunubeest on Jun 2, 12 at 9:58am

    kinda lame...could just say it was a giant shit..unless your moaning at which point I'd be like yea I wrecked her shit

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    Submitted by Boxfac3 on Jun 2, 12 at 1:35pm

    Um idk about yall but my phone usually stays on silent......bitch fail?

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    Submitted by BornFromABoomBox on Jun 5, 12 at 4:42pm

    Have uh, any of you heard the ring tone? Stop hating because you didn't think of it first.\nI can say this because I've heard it.

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    Submitted by shaveydavey on Jun 2, 12 at 11:17am

    Ehh pretty weak.

  • Submitted by JJdoggie on Jun 2, 12 at 6:44pm

    Unlikely but nice story u made up.