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    Submitted by cfreymarc on May 23, 12 at 3:42pm

    I am sure his dad would like the details.

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    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on May 23, 12 at 11:50pm

    @orwspam - The OP is texting her bf about how she talked to HIS dad. He probably asked what her and his son did today. And she told her bf's dad that all they did was have lunch. I don't know what kind of mother would tell their child that she had some chili then cheated on her husband and their Dad...

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    Submitted by papichulokulo on May 23, 12 at 12:55pm

    And then you set the chili aside while he put his sausage in your buns and he tossed your salad.

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      Submitted by ssjx7squall on May 23, 12 at 2:41pm

      the logistics if doing those at the same time seems didficult

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        Submitted by GA_Peach on May 23, 12 at 5:41pm

        Marlyn manson apparently had ribs removed so he could be that flexible...maybe they don't know tossing requires a tounge...

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    Submitted by orwspam on May 23, 12 at 2:59pm

    Am I the only one that finds it creepy that she just told her son/daughter about her cheating on their father???

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      Submitted by KillerRobotTree on May 23, 12 at 4:01pm

      OP is talking to her mate about a conversation she had with with said mate's parental unit. I highly doubt that this is a married woman telling her spawn about cheating. 1) older women tend to stay away from canned chilli, and 2) thats evidence that can be used for monatery gain...