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  • Third graders in 2012 would have no idea who or what Lisa Frank products were, only a 90's kid, who already have / are about to hit drinking age would get this.

    Submitted by bigpappasmurf666 on Apr 23, 12 at 12:18pm
  • Lisa Frank dolphins are already in acid trip colors.

    Submitted by Leeping1 on Jul 27, 12 at 4:33am
  • Reppin' the 315. Love it.

    Submitted by HandyJayDawg on Apr 23, 12 at 6:22pm
  • hahahahaha funny as fuck.

    Submitted by shaveydavey on Apr 24, 12 at 12:35am
  • LOL!! no minor would even understand what this means... LOVE IT!!! God I miss Lisa Frank!

    Submitted by skyehigh on Apr 24, 12 at 2:10am
  • This is why 3rd graders should stay out of their parents liquor stash.

    Submitted by My_Dixie_Wrecked on Apr 23, 12 at 9:57am
  • they still sell Lisa frank...and it's 2014, TA DA!!!

    Submitted by zlewis83 on Feb 8, 14 at 9:51pm