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    Submitted by SnidelyKWhiplash on Apr 16, 12 at 5:22pm

    He was gonna tear off a cold one if your pulse stopped.

  • Submitted by nunubeest on Apr 16, 12 at 5:15pm

    this is oddly sweet

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    Submitted by crombie531 on Apr 17, 12 at 3:49pm

    That is a good friend right there.

  • Submitted by steezy_teezy on Apr 17, 12 at 1:37pm

    This sounds familiar

  • Submitted by FiestaEddy on Apr 16, 12 at 11:17pm

    Also, I know we just met but I love you.

  • Submitted by SCBeauty1983 on Apr 16, 12 at 4:43pm

    You're awesome; everyone needs at least one friend who's that concerned about them & has their back.

  • Submitted by 2Eazy718 on Apr 18, 12 at 5:26am

    It's ok. holding the hand is way better than pressing your lips against their carotid artery ...