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  • Try that while the guy throwing the dart closes his eyes, then I'll be impressed

    Submitted by ly0ntamer on Mar 27, 12 at 4:52am
  • Can I be at the next one?\nSeriously!

    Submitted by LivingDestiny on Mar 27, 12 at 1:06am
  • It's still better than indoor butt darts!

    Submitted by TerryHesticles on Mar 26, 12 at 6:05pm
  • Maybe it's the respiratory therapist in me typing but i'm totally impressed by the correct spelling of tracheotomy, I know nurses and doctors who can't spell that.

    Submitted by bean4 on Mar 28, 12 at 8:38am
  • Hopefully you didn't give someone else a lumbar puncture in the process

    Submitted by fratguy702 on Mar 26, 12 at 12:14pm
  • next time try indoor lawn darts.... or just try to circumsize the inception penis

    Submitted by TexasYankee7 on Mar 27, 12 at 12:48am