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    Submitted by mthib on Mar 14, 12 at 7:30pm

    On what planet would that help get you the job? Shame on you northern Alberta, you'll be back to you're birthweight by the end of the weekend too

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    Submitted by dmoney1234 on Mar 14, 12 at 2:58pm

    If your hot and a guy is doing the hiring, yes it will get you the job. In fact, just being hot will get you the job. Unless a woman is hiring, in which case being hot will hurt your chances.

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      Submitted by BDVille on Mar 14, 12 at 4:08pm

      Unless the woman doing the hiring is trying to get a 5 girl orgy started.

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      Submitted by nunubeest on Mar 14, 12 at 9:45pm

      its so true I have an appointment with the hiring manager I show up 10 min early hot 20s brunette who was 30 min late after I walked in according to the receptionist shows up goes ahead of me during my interview time..I walked the fuck a call 7 hours later asking why I left..

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        Submitted by nunubeest on Mar 14, 12 at 9:46pm

        turns out the chick didn't show for her first day on and they wanted me to take the job instead..I told them they were obviously more interested in getting their dick wet and that wasn't a duty id be able to perform and to please refrain from waisting my time again

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    Submitted by BE4TmyM34T on Mar 14, 12 at 5:49pm

    Well if it's the nice lady who hosted the orgy then yes she hire you.

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    Submitted by blowme469 on Mar 14, 12 at 11:09pm

    You can request extra maternity leave on your cover letter.