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    Submitted by smumoi on Mar 12, 12 at 10:18pm

    Awwwwwww, poor benneiac. Look closely at enormoustard's caps. Let us know when you see it, k?

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    Submitted by manno22830 on Mar 12, 12 at 3:07pm

    Impressive sir

  • Submitted by enormoustard on Mar 12, 12 at 4:19pm

    YOU hAve REalLy AwesoMe tExts.

  • Submitted by benneiac on Mar 12, 12 at 5:57pm

    Enormoustard, I think your name fits because you clearly didn't understand the text

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    Submitted by Rabbit37 on Mar 12, 12 at 3:40pm

    I thought reading between the lines was harder than that.