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  • Submitted by shaveydavey on Feb 25, 12 at 10:39am

    Girls like YOU are the reason why Lifetime is starting to make movies where the girl is actually the bad one.

  • Submitted by italianstal012 on Feb 25, 12 at 11:38am

    one too good for you

  • Submitted by rosa_rouge on Feb 25, 12 at 11:46am

    The kind who deserves better than you!

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    Submitted by pureboredom on Feb 25, 12 at 9:45pm

    When you ask why all the good guys are gone.. This is why whore

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    Submitted by coumtryboy99 on Feb 25, 12 at 5:48pm

    The kind you're driving away.

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    Submitted by LaxLife on Feb 25, 12 at 10:58am

    @Shaveydavey people like you are the reason lifetime is still on.

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    Submitted by hehehAlllrighttt on Feb 25, 12 at 5:23pm

    Well done shaveydavey my good sir

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    Submitted by ShutUpGranny on Mar 1, 12 at 2:10am

    The kind I would kill puppies for

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    Submitted by Squarewheel on Jun 13, 12 at 11:33am

    A sad guy like me

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    Submitted by 3amchick on Feb 25, 12 at 6:35pm

    Completely understand. Did something very similar and now he's being pouty. Really? I thought that was every guys dream to have a friend with benefits.