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  • How exactly does one stargaze in French? Do you put a beret on your telescope?

    Submitted by arthurlux on Feb 8, 12 at 3:49pm
    • no you surrender it as soon as someone confronts you

      Submitted by reeln on Feb 8, 12 at 6:01pm
      • French tank one gear for forward and seven for reverse.

        Submitted by GA_Peach on Feb 8, 12 at 6:28pm
        • French workout, the French press. You drop to your knees, throw your arms over your head, and shit your pants.

          Submitted by porksword on Feb 8, 12 at 7:41pm
  • Cool story bro,

    Submitted by bttrdenu on Feb 8, 12 at 1:37pm
  • 2nd lol

    Submitted by PenisVagina on Feb 8, 12 at 1:38pm