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  • theres no possession charge that gets you life so im assuming shes carrying 2 mil of cash stolen from a bank, a human head and detailed plans to kill the president in there

    Submitted by ReesesPoofs on Feb 3, 12 at 10:22am
  • Reesespoofs has obviously never heard of possession with intent to distribute. Possess over 1 oz of an illegal substance and you can go to prison for life if caught.

    Submitted by security24 on Feb 3, 12 at 12:17pm
  • Pfizer birth control pills?

    Submitted by porksword on Feb 3, 12 at 10:55am
  • Positive herpes test?

    Submitted by Hedonistic on Feb 3, 12 at 12:13pm
  • Big mo fukin purse

    Submitted by artard on Feb 5, 12 at 5:33pm
  • You stay classy southwest michigan

    Submitted by supertrooper on Feb 3, 12 at 5:34pm
    • Hahaha..right! I'm from West Michigan, and I can just imagine all the ppl from KZoo and so on, saying this!

      Submitted by heiress21 on Feb 3, 12 at 11:08pm
  • Murder weapon?

    Submitted by krazybobblehead on Feb 5, 12 at 9:06am