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  • Submitted by Luvvyboo2 on Jan 29, 12 at 2:35pm

    A decent guy?

  • Submitted by yumyum05 on Jan 29, 12 at 2:42pm

    someone who could teach u a little something about charity and civility :-)

  • Submitted by mattmac91 on Jan 29, 12 at 2:45pm

    Someone with some humility something you obviously lack

  • Submitted by anniebsider on Jan 29, 12 at 11:04pm

    My dream guy.

  • Submitted by bee222 on Jan 29, 12 at 11:48pm

    I want to meet him.

  • Submitted by alienmonster on Jan 29, 12 at 6:00pm

    Dennis and Dee's real father in it's always sunny in Philadelphia , Mr. Bruce Mathis

  • Submitted by Erotophobia on Jan 29, 12 at 5:39pm

    "Here boy! Here! You want a cheeseburger? Yes you do! Whose a good boy, whose a good boy?"

  • Submitted by ck24 on Jan 29, 12 at 9:38pm

    don't worry skank you will get that hotdog after

  • Submitted by cfreymarc on Jan 30, 12 at 5:40am

    He is testing you.

  • Submitted by dmoney1234 on Jan 29, 12 at 9:52pm

    Tim tebows kind gestures strike again.

  • Submitted by TheWingMan on Jan 29, 12 at 3:28pm

    Chris McCandless?

  • Submitted by tasteofcanadian on Jan 30, 12 at 9:48pm

    He sounds like a sweetie actually, give the boy a chance!

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    Submitted by JLM98 on Feb 4, 12 at 12:28pm

    A decent kid who has a heart…you should try to get one.

  • Submitted by TheFeeVerte on Jan 31, 12 at 11:29am

    A guy with a lot of hamburgers to get rid of?