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    Submitted by Ritard on Jan 16, 12 at 11:02am

    Well if you were "in the closet" you don't want head from her anyway.

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    Submitted by highestof5s on Jan 16, 12 at 3:42pm

    I can see it my mind: the both of them were going to do it then she came in so one guy hid because the other didn't want her to know he was batting for the other team. Then he decided to take advantage of her presence. The end.

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    Submitted by shiroun on Jan 16, 12 at 6:09pm

    Hey guys! Sender here, let me explain.\nI was insanely high/drunk, and they were telling me to get out of the room (him and his gf), but i didn't want to deal with the other people in the house (his family, and a few other people). So, in my fucked up state I took 3 pillows, a blanket, and threw them in the closet. Then proceded to have a light show and listen to their lamenting without giving a fuck.\n\nTHAT, my friends, is what truly happened.

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    Submitted by DP24 on Jan 16, 12 at 10:30am

    and you didnt get your dick sucked? shame....

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    Submitted by mrwowzers on Jan 16, 12 at 12:23pm

    Sooo did you cum in the closet or after you came out?

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    Submitted by SauceQueen on Jan 18, 12 at 10:26am

    Alright, but if I hear you eating Doritos again, YOU'RE OUT.

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    Submitted by BrosambaBinLaden on Jan 17, 12 at 3:12am

    And entered to the bros 4 life phase

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    Submitted by DP24 on Jan 16, 12 at 11:59pm

    And you didnt get your dick sucked? Shame. AND you came back and explained yourself? Double shame.....

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    Submitted by soccer360 on Jan 16, 12 at 12:26pm

    Wasn't R Kelly in the closet just before he pissed on the women?