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  • Well that's just like your opinion, man

    Submitted by BirdDog on Dec 29, 11 at 12:47pm
  • bitches love seeing the 6 figure bank account receipt that spits out of the ATM..its the magic key to the vagina kingdom

    Submitted by nunubeest on Dec 29, 11 at 1:04pm
    • I have found that just keeping it above five digits does just as well.

      Submitted by cfreymarc on Dec 30, 11 at 3:48am

    Submitted by OMG_A_DIGLETT on Dec 29, 11 at 11:59am
    • That's right, sunshine. Both your sister-mom and uncle daddy WERE both Appalachians. But look how good YOU turned out with only 13 chromosomes.

      Submitted by SnidelyKWhiplash on Dec 29, 11 at 7:16pm