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  • Submitted by doobie5 on Dec 11, 11 at 1:25pm

    parent of the year award

  • Submitted by alicelove2009 on Dec 11, 11 at 2:21pm

    I'll say this much the first time i went out after having my daughter I probably should have had all the above. Being a parent doesn't mean you can't go out. It's better than taking the baby with you to get wasted

  • Submitted by amerapparelsucks on Dec 11, 11 at 3:37pm

    I am deeply, deeply concerned that this one is from my sister. It's the right area code.

  • Submitted by kdogchatterbox on Dec 11, 11 at 2:15pm

    kids can do that to a person. hopefully it's their first ,a newborn is STRESS,otherwise they shouldn't be reproducing because they know what to expect then lol

  • Submitted by justdidit on Dec 13, 11 at 5:28pm

    I think this is an excerpt from Casey Anthony's book

  • Submitted by Captn_Crouton on Dec 11, 11 at 9:18pm

    I will give you her life, for your life