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  • Submitted by TerryHesticles on Nov 29, 11 at 9:13pm

    You usually have to pay extra for that. Back to you Cotton!

  • Submitted by AmericanHollow on Nov 30, 11 at 2:25am

    Did you rub her nose in it?

  • Submitted by grizzlewhisker on Nov 29, 11 at 3:33pm

    Wouldn't it be much harder if she wasn't in his lap?

  • Submitted by wubbazugg on Nov 29, 11 at 7:05pm

    Some people enjoy watersports, ever take that into account? Sheesh, try some sexual exploration.... But not if it involves asking an Asian dude for your pants back.

  • Submitted by carter_ronin on Nov 29, 11 at 4:25pm

    good girl, !mark your territory...

  • Submitted by ly0ntamer on Nov 30, 11 at 6:48am

    I had. Girlfriend who routinely peed on me. Only it wasn't fun and games. It was usually after the fun and games, passed out naked and drunk that this happened. Ilived with it because she was worth it. Then.

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      Submitted by spankinator on Dec 1, 11 at 9:38am

      dude... no fucking way that's nasty as fuck

  • Submitted by TwistedSista83 on Nov 30, 11 at 12:33am

    all that and he STILL chose her over you? ha ha

  • Submitted by nunubeest on Nov 29, 11 at 6:06pm


  • Submitted by cfreymarc on Nov 29, 11 at 9:24pm

    Boyfriend either bottoms well or this girl gives excellent head at any time.

  • Submitted by LuvvyBoo on Nov 29, 11 at 8:51pm

    Gross, gross, and gross