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  • No, women should come with a handbook. Divorce papers should come with tequila.

    Submitted by W_T_F on Nov 20, 11 at 5:26pm
    • Omg yeah they are.. But tequila usualy leads to replacing one crazy bitch with another

      Submitted by Malicius on Nov 21, 11 at 3:00am
  • The fact that you got divorced should have clued you in to what women are like. What's the old saying? Those who don't learn from history are doomed to relive it.

    Submitted by haliganbar on Nov 20, 11 at 9:50pm
  • Spelling Nazi

    Submitted by SnidelyKWhiplash on Nov 20, 11 at 9:12pm
  • How not to find a crazy bitch...step one: don't look in a trendy bar or dating site. Not much difference. Step two: get an adorable dog and running routine. Step three: learn idle chit chat and know how to be a closer.

    Submitted by GA_Peach on Nov 21, 11 at 6:43am
  • Learn to spell asshole. You're weird.

    Submitted by windrider1202 on Nov 20, 11 at 3:41pm
  • women are awesome. Without us, where would you stick your dicks?

    Submitted by LuvvyBoo on Nov 20, 11 at 9:30pm