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    Submitted by W_T_F on Nov 20, 11 at 9:04am

    @214: Since you're so horny and AlchFiend93 is so fucked up, you two should do the world a favor and buttfuck each other and get the hell off of TFLN.

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    Submitted by WCMurdoch on Nov 19, 11 at 4:10pm

    Hi, my name is Cameron and there is someone using my Dallas area code phone number as a posting alias. I don't know who this person is but I would like them to stop and for their comments to be marked as spam or inappropriate. Please ignore this child!

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      Submitted by GA_Peach on Nov 20, 11 at 2:41am your phone company...

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      Submitted by Malicius on Nov 21, 11 at 3:06am

      You realize there more then one cell in an area code idiot

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        Submitted by Crotchflea on Dec 16, 11 at 5:25pm

        How is that relevant? The person's username is this guy's actual phone number.

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    Submitted by cfreymarc on Nov 20, 11 at 12:32am

    My last bachelor party!

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    Submitted by grizzlewhisker on Nov 20, 11 at 3:36am

    Good luck, "Cameron". Nothing you can do. You don't own that string of digits, you just own the phone account that's associated with it. But hey, maybe you'll get lucky and a shy but slutty nympho in a tube top will call you for some help...

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    Submitted by Vagenius420 on Nov 19, 11 at 12:55pm

    Wow holy shit bro. GTF off TFLN

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    Submitted by 2144571774 on Nov 19, 11 at 11:38am

    ...I want her to act surprised and then curious; like a shy but horny nympho. I'd lay her down and slowly remove her clothes. Then I would start licking her. I want her to act nervous and shy at first then as the waves of pleasure shoot through her, I wanna see her just let loose and let herself unleash her horny side. When she can't stand it anymore I want her to tell me she needs me inside her. That's my fantasy! If you're down to play along, message me!

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      Submitted by SnidelyKWhiplash on Nov 19, 11 at 1:54pm

      I remember when I was 13 and found my first Penthouse Forums magazine. Seriously 214, ya little tosser...find a chatroom to spank to and leave the adults alone.

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    Submitted by My_Dixie_Wrecked on Nov 19, 11 at 1:59pm

    To echo the others, get a fucking life 214, you're making me ashamed to be from that part of Texas.

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    Submitted by cunjl on Nov 19, 11 at 12:03pm

    A text about a stripper-whipping makes you think about this? Get a chat room 214.

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    Submitted by Quake6 on Nov 21, 11 at 1:11am

    that usually makes me think "Awesome" lol

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    Submitted by AlchFiend93 on Nov 20, 11 at 12:46am

    lmao how fucked up were you when this transpired. please fill us all in on the details nd give us the strippers name too if you would at

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    Submitted by 2144571774 on Nov 19, 11 at 11:35am

    I want a hot girl to invite me over to help her with "something at home", when she secretly just wants me to take her. So she when I get there all she's wearing is something skimpy like cheer shorts, or leggings, or yoga pants or even workout shorts or a tennis skirt, and something small like a tube top or sports bra. When I get there I want her to play like she needs my help but flirt really heavily and try and seduce me by touching me or rubbing her hands all over me. Then when I get hard,