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  • Sorry but neither trsif or trisf are first in reverse...

    Submitted by Akdros on Nov 19, 11 at 6:29pm
  • What's sad, is you can't even properly fuck up a fuckup comment.

    Submitted by wubbazugg on Nov 19, 11 at 12:16pm
  • all i gotta say is we're fuken curious to know about how this conversation even came up so please elaborate on\n\ndeuces

    Submitted by AlchFiend93 on Nov 20, 11 at 12:33am

    Submitted by trsif on Nov 19, 11 at 10:13am
  • How would you even know they are pot brownies? Stupid.

    Submitted by ReesesPoofs on Nov 19, 11 at 12:41pm