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    Submitted by thnguyen on Oct 15, 11 at 12:49am

    Your couch ? that is your house and you can do whatever you want. Kick their ass out!

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    Submitted by ck24 on Oct 14, 11 at 1:34pm

    you know why!

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    Submitted by DOGFARTS on Oct 14, 11 at 11:35am

    Figures this is my fucking area code

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      Submitted by danicgirl on Oct 14, 11 at 11:43am

      oh dogfarts...are you the weird kid from sociology?

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      Submitted by MD86 on Oct 15, 11 at 11:42pm

      what exactly is so degrading or offensive about this? I assume she just got drunk and didn't pay attention to who she took home which seems to happen everywhere. What I find more offensive is the attitude towards this person she obviously hasn't taken the time of day to get to know and just labeled him the creepy kid.