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    Submitted by Deebo5050 on Oct 7, 11 at 10:28pm

    I appreciate good time management. And a well groomed vag

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    Submitted by Bubula on Oct 7, 11 at 11:06pm

    call me blond, but how does shaving today get ten extra drinking minutes tomorrow? cause you already know no ones gonna want a prickly pussy??

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    Submitted by kin_in_in on Oct 7, 11 at 6:12pm

    Well, that's no skin off YOUR nose...

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    Submitted by kidicarus on Oct 7, 11 at 4:19pm

    You don't say!

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    Submitted by Numnutz on Oct 8, 11 at 10:37am

    @bubula. she is saying she is shaving early cuz she knows she is gonna be drinking the next day and so it will already be done. she wont have to spend those 10 min taking care of it. she can start drinking instead

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    Submitted by fatherfigure on Oct 7, 11 at 11:26pm

    @bubula. True Dat.

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    Submitted by sevensevenseven on Oct 8, 11 at 1:09pm

    Think of how much drinking time you'd have if you waxed!

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    Submitted by fatherfigure on Oct 7, 11 at 11:35pm

    Damn iphone. Again@ bubula. That's so fucking right. My gf prides herself on being shaven down. But catch her at the right time of day, or on a lazy day, her scruff could cut my dick off. Comming out of a LTR, who didnt shave, i never even thought of that. But again, true that.

  • Submitted by TheGrinch on Oct 7, 11 at 6:50pm

    You should shave every day you uncouth lesbian