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  • Submitted by PropagandaPanda on Oct 5, 11 at 10:28am

    Literally dying huh..?

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    Submitted by arthurlux on Oct 5, 11 at 10:49am

    You used "literally" wrong you idiot.

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    Submitted by lwarnos on Oct 5, 11 at 10:35am

    Hate to burst your bubble, but that sport has been around for a while. Always a good time though.

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    Submitted by porksword on Oct 5, 11 at 5:50pm

    And yet still they can figure out it's nowhere near you.

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    Submitted by HackDiesel on Oct 5, 11 at 12:15pm

    I don't think that word means what you think it means..

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    Submitted by JJdoggie on Oct 5, 11 at 11:12am

    Wow cool guy is a big bad Jr or sr maybe. I hate college kids.

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    Submitted by firsts_r_douches on Oct 5, 11 at 11:08am

    Yeah not actually knowing about any parties allows for a lot of free time...

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    Submitted by mr_bubb on Oct 5, 11 at 11:27am

    Sorry to hear you'll be dead soon.

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    Submitted by Gsuave88 on Oct 5, 11 at 10:00pm

    So you sit and watch freshmen look for a party, looks like you dont have anything better to do either. At least they are trying.

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    Submitted by pinky22 on Oct 5, 11 at 11:35am

    This guy sucks! Any legit person would direct the freshman.

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    Submitted by tapthatjacks on Oct 5, 11 at 1:08pm

    Dayton flyers go ud

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    Submitted by GA_Peach on Oct 5, 11 at 10:01pm

    Maybe op wasn't invited to any parties. This text gives me a visual of a fifth year bachelors degree student who is bitter and def drinking alone.