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  • I think contractions lessen the effect if uppercase, don't you?

    Submitted by kin_in_in on Sep 27, 11 at 7:16pm
    • It's because subconsciously, we know that if it were typed on a real keyboard, the typist would have to release the shift key to type the apostrophe. Somehow, even though it is incorrect, a double quote mark would look better. I wonder if this is only true for Americans -- the quote mark over the 2 adds a whole new dimension.

      Submitted by TampaDave on Sep 28, 11 at 6:46am
  • So what was the bad idea??

    Submitted by AXLP on Sep 29, 11 at 4:41pm
  • But SOMEONE has to be the official Snot-Bearer, or the ceremony won't be complete!

    Submitted by TubeSounding on Sep 27, 11 at 4:09pm
  • whoa

    Submitted by agroupofninjas on Sep 28, 11 at 8:53am
  • Lmao @ kin in in..I agree

    Submitted by Chucklez421 on Sep 27, 11 at 11:02pm
  • Hahaha @kin_in_in

    Submitted by renalove on Sep 28, 11 at 12:33am
  • Who types in all caps with the shift key? Why not just use the Caps Lock?? That doesn't effect your ability to use the shift key if needed.

    Submitted by D_Rock__ on May 14, 12 at 11:14pm