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  • Submitted by Andr913 on Sep 24, 11 at 9:27am


  • Submitted by monica05 on Sep 24, 11 at 11:04am

    $5 dollars says that he's 5 inches or less

  • Submitted by Jennamatic_3000 on Sep 24, 11 at 6:27pm

    Considering five inches or less is the average human male, yes, he probably is, but if someone glued eyeballs to it, that's still fucking amazing. Especially if they're goodly eyes. :D

  • Submitted by tayacb on Sep 24, 11 at 5:43pm

    No way... if he was under 5" I doubt he'd show it to a room full of people. Either way I'd pay 5 bucks to see this lol

  • Submitted by ImFirstBitch on Sep 24, 11 at 9:52am


  • Submitted by VIP on Sep 26, 11 at 1:14am

    The story of my life...