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  • Submitted by SpecFlops on Aug 26, 11 at 3:31pm

    Sounds like someone felt the magic.

  • Submitted by troideadh on Aug 27, 11 at 4:40am

    *lying... not to be a dick. ok, maybe it was to be a dick.

  • Submitted by thekid919 on Aug 26, 11 at 7:30pm


  • Submitted by ky80 on Aug 26, 11 at 5:25pm


    • Submitted by tlovell on Aug 26, 11 at 8:43pm

      if you see something on this site and you aren't sure what it is, Urban Dictionary. Use it.

  • Submitted by Phys on Aug 26, 11 at 5:17pm

    So I get no credit for that?

  • Submitted by cgo1414 on Aug 29, 11 at 12:01am