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  • Submitted by smitttyyy on Aug 17, 11 at 11:51am

    Now all you need to do is play it before sex so he wears a condom

  • Submitted by enormoustard on Aug 17, 11 at 12:06pm

    Children are to best deterant to having children.

  • Submitted by dirtdiver on Aug 17, 11 at 12:19pm

    I work with kids and I'm never having kid ever

    • Submitted by MeOlly on Aug 17, 11 at 2:06pm

      same here!!!!! :)

  • Submitted by gotemagain on Aug 17, 11 at 4:42pm

    That guy is my new hero. Sheer genius!

  • Submitted by Lola7 on Aug 18, 11 at 12:11pm

    lol that's awesome!

  • Submitted by rsorter2010 on Aug 17, 11 at 10:27pm

    Brilliant just brilliant

  • Submitted by djmerrill21 on Aug 17, 11 at 12:36pm