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  • Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 15, 09 at 5:55pm

    or a penis is just a very large clit

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    Submitted by Anonymous on Aug 24, 09 at 10:07am

    actually, the clit's sole purpose is sexual pleasure. it's just a bunch of nerve endings. the penis is a lot more involved and serves more than one purpose.

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    Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 29, 09 at 2:40pm

    5:55 is right. Since we all start out as women it only makes sense.

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    Submitted by AlwaysTheDriver on Jul 31, 10 at 7:32pm

    Technically, the penis is an enlarged clitoris. All embryos start off female, then the presence of testosterone (in sufficient quantity) changes them to male. Strange but true.

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    Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 13, 09 at 6:43pm

    Little boys just don't know anything...

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    Submitted by Ninjalicious on Mar 5, 10 at 3:41am

    No. It doesn't pee or shoot semen and calling someone a clit isnt as insulting.