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  • Submitted by carter_ronin on Aug 1, 11 at 11:30am

    .... those are GREAT shoes...

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    Submitted by Trisana on Aug 1, 11 at 10:56pm

    The joys of dating a bi-sexual...

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    Submitted by whyhellothere on Aug 3, 11 at 4:23am

    And here I thought I was the only person who wants one ....

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    Submitted by pichu180 on Aug 1, 11 at 1:09pm

    So anal?

  • Submitted by Nero905 on Aug 1, 11 at 5:50pm

    I'd become homosexual just to do you up the bum for the rest of my life. But that's the sort of thing a heterosexual man would do I suppose. So tough luck.

  • 75 93
    Submitted by NC_guy82 on Aug 1, 11 at 11:09pm

    Yeah, he'll suck you off great