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  • lol awesome

    Submitted by puto on Jul 22, 11 at 1:09am
  • I have three corvettes. There all red. The one is named robbert the other one is and finally dead. Jk it's frank Peter and Stewie!!!

    Submitted by iheartpolarbears on Jul 27, 11 at 12:37am
  • Should've said "and buy a corvette" was on the list too

    Submitted by yfz501 on Jul 21, 11 at 11:51am
  • PIN = Personal Identification Number. So saying PIN number is unnecessary.....

    Submitted by ssimkins89 on Jul 23, 11 at 4:14am
  • planning ahead

    Submitted by CarolineBace on Jul 22, 11 at 2:02am
  • Kentucky at its finest. \nI would guess that was a Thursday. (It's ladies night usually)

    Submitted by CO_Cantaloupe on Nov 15, 12 at 12:01am