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  • Submitted by kookookachoo on Jun 25, 11 at 1:43am

    This is one of the few texts that will never need a witty comment to go with it. This is utterly beautiful and I'm going to use it to try and get in some girl's pants.

  • Submitted by likeahoss on Jun 25, 11 at 12:16am

    A married friend once described it as being like a key and lock. After three kids he lost the key and that stuff was locked.

  • Submitted by Michguy on Jun 24, 11 at 3:10pm

    But do they fit together correctly?

  • Submitted by jprincess on Jun 24, 11 at 5:18pm

    Make sure it fits over and over and over again

  • Submitted by Ballslap on Jun 24, 11 at 4:15pm

    Find the corners first.

  • Submitted by adorkablekia on Jun 26, 11 at 11:07am

    If I got this text... U'd at least get a blowie for gold star effort...

  • Submitted by gr33nman on Jun 24, 11 at 6:59pm

    if her piece is a little bigger, you might fit too loosely. And that is not a good sign.

  • Submitted by koji8123 on Jun 25, 11 at 12:11pm

    Have to find edged pieces first.