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  • i feel like haliganbar maybe wouldn't have such a stick up their ass if they would shut the fuck up with the judgment and smoke a bowl... juuust saying

    Submitted by kaylamarie2209 on Jul 3, 11 at 6:38am
  • I'm a better person on drugs as well!!! It just means we're so fucked up normally that when we are on something we are actually more like normal people. Self medication is a wonderful thing!

    Submitted by Winnie5 on Jun 22, 11 at 12:18pm
  • Oh god..

    Submitted by username472 on Jun 23, 11 at 1:46am
  • We all are, most are just too ignorant to admit it

    Submitted by hobojoe on Jun 24, 11 at 3:07pm
  • That's an intense epiphany there sir

    Submitted by Onyourwifesface on Jun 22, 11 at 10:20am
  • no, just annoying.

    Submitted by droskii on Jun 22, 11 at 12:49pm
  • I agree w/haliganbar!

    Submitted by minge on Jun 22, 11 at 3:41pm
  • You're not better, you are just incapable of noticing what an asshole you are.

    Submitted by haliganbar on Jun 22, 11 at 9:54am