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  • i wouldn't put it past a mines student to do this... there's a king soopers right off campus and LOTS of texas kids go there (myself included)

    Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 4, 09 at 12:48am
  • if you're gonna steal from king's at least swipe something good.

    Submitted by Anonymous on May 24, 09 at 1:00pm
  • right! I've had plenty of different area codes than where I live...

    Submitted by Anonymous on May 29, 09 at 11:49pm
  • since when is there king's in texas?

    Submitted by Anonymous on May 24, 09 at 4:18pm
  • Not a single Soopers in Houston... Where both the area codes are based...

    Submitted by Anonymous on May 24, 09 at 6:40pm
  • how dare they... I legitimately stole shrimp cocktail, edemame, and chicken fingers from kings @ 3am one night because i was too drunk to figure out the self check-out and there were no cashiers in sight... (I would pay money to see that security video footage now!)

    Submitted by Anonymous on May 24, 09 at 8:45pm
  • Did you ever think that maybe these are people with 281 and 832 area codes that live somewhere else? You know people do live other places besides Texas once they graduate from high school.

    Submitted by Anonymous on May 28, 09 at 12:16pm
  • kings soopers???? uh yea 281 and 832 are DEFFINANTLY texas (i live here bitchesssssss lol) and no that is a up-north store none here FAKE TEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Submitted by Anonymous on May 26, 09 at 3:45am
  • Dude I couldn't even swipe a 2" box of matches while sober without getting caught, and you managed to take a box of cat litter and frozen pizzas? That's talent right there.

    Submitted by XPredatorX on May 14, 10 at 12:37pm
  • Or just MAYBE they didn't use their real area code to protect themselves. Probably not though, they obviously want to get caught.

    Submitted by EvilDylan42 on Dec 20, 10 at 9:41pm