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  • Submitted by melonhead99 on Jun 12, 11 at 1:45pm

    Screw that. If I peddle your asses around I better get at least a blow job.

  • Submitted by fsuguy154 on Jun 12, 11 at 1:26pm

    Fuck pharmacy school, I'm gonna be a bike taxi driver

  • Submitted by rextoration on Jun 12, 11 at 5:51pm

    Hahaha chuck town

  • Submitted by witebred on Jun 13, 11 at 11:02am

    its a trade off sure you saved a few dollars but it will one day haunt you that you took turns teaming up on a guy riding a bike

  • Submitted by nunubeest on Jun 12, 11 at 5:06pm

    half those guys got stds..might wanna get tested for the herp derp

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    Submitted by blondeprncss247 on Jun 16, 11 at 2:44pm

    Lol that's south Carolina for ya! We know how to party!

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    Submitted by pinknuts on Jun 13, 11 at 1:49pm

    Haha sounds like great payment!!

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    Submitted by Michguy on Jun 12, 11 at 9:36pm

    Not true.

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    Submitted by sosnarky on Jun 19, 11 at 12:32pm

    Some would call that Savvy... And I am one of those people ;)

  • Submitted by Dannyburke on Jun 13, 11 at 6:32pm

    My friend got fucked for payment by an engaged woman.\n\nCheap asses!