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  • Submitted by sttgamer on Jun 11, 11 at 1:47pm

    So you like eating out fat chicks?

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    Submitted by Phys on Jun 11, 11 at 4:27pm

    When you're a heavyweight the only shot you have at a relationship is to be an oral sex champion

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    Submitted by Michguy on Jun 11, 11 at 6:52pm

    Fat bottom girls make the world go 'round

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    Submitted by TubeSounding on Jun 11, 11 at 2:09pm

    That isn't what he means when he says: "You suck, and you're a big bitch." But it's good that you're setting the bar high.

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    Submitted by sergieaux on Jun 11, 11 at 1:38pm

    what a douche.

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    Submitted by hotgeekgirl on Dec 3, 11 at 12:48am

    Hey you can't have my title.