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    Submitted by YO_MOM on May 18, 11 at 10:49am


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    Submitted by POOPPY on May 18, 11 at 10:54am

    I'd be willing to take this a step further and say that you shouldn't digest questionable powders from anyone. Idiot

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    Submitted by courtaymichele on May 18, 11 at 10:54am


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    Submitted by thegreenfairy on May 18, 11 at 12:51pm

    I believe you meant "ingest", but nevertheless, the fact that you even thought about ingesting or digesting unknown powder sort of attributes to your stupidity and correcting you will probably be to no avail.

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      Submitted by BarryDingle on May 19, 11 at 3:43pm

      thank you. sometime had to say it. you're my new best friend.

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    Submitted by lurch101 on Jul 13, 11 at 2:27pm

    Don't try to stop Darwinism in its tracks.

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    Submitted by nevermore85 on May 18, 11 at 11:06pm

    Ha! Austin, represent. I'd be willing to bet they were at Oilcan Harry's.

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    Submitted by TubeSounding on May 18, 11 at 10:57am

    Oh no. Tub of ice and kidneys missing, am I right, or am I right? Or am I right.