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  • Edibles = weed treats like cookies or brownies, can be in many different forms

    Submitted by castrodela on May 5, 11 at 4:28pm
  • That sucks! I'd kick someones ass if they did that! Save that sh!t for the post-exam celebration!

    Submitted by ashmc2001 on May 5, 11 at 4:30pm
  • Just ate an edible before I read this. Definitely don't eat them if you have something important to do.

    Submitted by singer4life666 on May 5, 11 at 8:53pm
  • Ochem= organic chemistry

    Submitted by LUSCI0US on May 5, 11 at 6:49pm
  • haha thats Creighton for ya!

    Submitted by kohawk14 on May 5, 11 at 6:13pm
  • You're an idiot if you eat marijuana without realizing it.

    Submitted by pey0te on May 6, 11 at 12:29am
  • brownies, cookies, and lollipops are the most common but at the dispenseries here in Seattle we have apple pies, pizza, lasagna, etc. :) mmmmmmm

    Submitted by ssimkins89 on May 7, 11 at 12:22am
  • Edible what?

    Submitted by TheWingMan on May 5, 11 at 4:10pm
  • people act like you can't taste it..if you can't taste it, you won't feel it. Trust me, I'm Batman.

    Submitted by thebatman on May 6, 11 at 2:36am
  • Enjoy that degree, with the umteen others taking the easy degrees.

    Submitted by Michguy on May 6, 11 at 8:21am
  • Ochem final?

    Submitted by franswa22 on May 5, 11 at 6:41pm
  • And you're switching majors based on that?? What a loser!

    Submitted by jltc on May 6, 11 at 2:53am
  • Fake

    Submitted by rendlesham on May 5, 11 at 6:56pm