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  • The security guards were probably thirsty from all the Pretzels they were eating...

    Submitted by ImKeithStone on Apr 26, 11 at 5:20pm
  • I've been there, security came to complain that our apartment party was too loud, several minutes later they were our new beer pong opponents. VICTORY FOR MSU!!!

    Submitted by Slimwhoisdirtay on Apr 28, 11 at 11:37am
  • teach me

    Submitted by cicibaby on Apr 26, 11 at 5:04pm
  • Cool security guards

    Submitted by pinkamature on Apr 27, 11 at 1:19am
  • Amazing how friendly they are after you give them a bj.

    Submitted by haliganbar on Apr 27, 11 at 8:34am
  • I hope you mean shotgunning beers with them. One shared between multiple people would be a bust.

    Submitted by Anonymous1024 on Apr 26, 11 at 6:37pm
  • And the minute after that you said "Datura is a hell of a drug..."

    Submitted by regalbeagle on Apr 27, 11 at 12:45am
  • I just love how they used complaint in verb form.

    Submitted by jaystreet_46 on May 14, 13 at 3:56am