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  • ...add it to the herpes, clap, and gonorrhea I gave ya. I know they looked just like razor bumps...but that's what you get you cocky British wanker

    Submitted by Artisan_Devil on Apr 5, 11 at 3:46pm
  • You've got it all wrong. We don't hate America... just Americans. (That should be good for about fifty vitriolic replies.)

    Submitted by 3knucklesdeep on Apr 5, 11 at 5:46pm
    • And not all Americans. Just the ones who don't acknowledge that life exists outside of the USA.

      Submitted by Ambz on Apr 6, 11 at 12:47pm
  • And like most reasons British people have to bash america, its complete bullshit. He wouldnt have gotten it if he didn't make out with random people, its his own dam fault!

    Submitted by brocky on Apr 5, 11 at 8:08pm
  • They just hate us cause we beat them 200 years ago and they're still not over it. \nThe BP oil spill was Britain's response to the Boston tea party.

    Submitted by WallyTheWombat on Apr 6, 11 at 5:12am
  • Ahh I'm from the US and was out to dinner with a bunch of british people and all they did was bash America!! Awks for me but they made some valid points

    Submitted by poop12 on Apr 8, 11 at 2:40am
  • Better strep than vomiting on him after seeing his bad teeth

    Submitted by GoodOlDave on Apr 6, 11 at 6:19am
  • We don't hate all Americans... oh wait - my mistake, I was confusing you with Canadians.

    Submitted by brittlestar on Apr 6, 11 at 6:13pm