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  • Your name is Jane Bond-age, ah nevermind that joke sucked.

    Submitted by FartsAtWork on Mar 28, 11 at 10:44am
  • Sounds very similar to Barney Stinson's collegiate bingo. It was a legen- wait for it- dary game of bingo

    Submitted by bl0nd_m0ment on Mar 28, 11 at 10:27am
  • Hmmm sounds like Slut of Nations to me!!!

    Submitted by impish69 on Mar 28, 11 at 10:26am
  • Gross. STDs are everywhere

    Submitted by shan1628 on Mar 28, 11 at 10:18am
    • That's where condoms come in handy. Not 100%, but it does help. I just tend to assume that the people who post about being sluts are at least safe sluts.

      Submitted by Masquerade90 on Mar 28, 11 at 11:00am
  • Love it!

    Submitted by penislvr on Mar 28, 11 at 3:25pm
  • Wonder how many obscure exotic viruses you've contracted. You're probably a human petri dish by now.

    Submitted by Taipan on Mar 29, 11 at 11:14am
  • this is how AIDS spreads!

    Submitted by babykarma2005 on Mar 29, 11 at 2:12am
  • I've fucked almost 60 countries. Never left Vancouver. I WIN, bitch! Suki Sidhu is the champ of strange cock!

    Submitted by SukiSidhu on Mar 28, 11 at 12:28pm
  • And we find out it's a guy! :D

    Submitted by pichu180 on Mar 28, 11 at 3:31pm