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    Submitted by TubeSounding on Mar 28, 11 at 10:27am

    Hit your head with a brick. Good chance it will "look like" a brain injury.

  • 93 81
    Submitted by inyourpants on Mar 28, 11 at 6:18am

    I'd say no, but am no doctor, so ho for it

  • 85 82
    Submitted by digthis1 on Mar 28, 11 at 8:44am

    hell yea you can your gonna need a legitimate excuse for when they tell you your retarded.....

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    Submitted by manlaw6 on Mar 27, 11 at 11:15am

    "Curious, doctor, but I cannot tell if that's a tumor, or if this man is completely shitfaced.."

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    Submitted by chitownirishgirl on Jun 19, 13 at 2:23am

    I sense that your drinking is what necessitated the CAT scan in the first place... So maybe put down the bottle for a few hours