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  • Submitted by oldgregg on Dec 30, 10 at 12:53pm

    @drw2342 "the world is"\n"World"??! OMG the word is "word".\nYou are so stupid and the entire English language is dead because you misspelled a word!\n\nDouche

  • Submitted by TheMoreYouKnow on Dec 30, 10 at 12:43pm

    They complement your chopsticks.

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    Submitted by deef6 on Jan 7, 11 at 4:22am

    Faget ass nitpickers. I'm sick of peoples comments pointing out spelling and grammar mistakes, there texts you pretentious douches

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    Submitted by z4ck93 on Dec 31, 10 at 12:35am

    Well, because the word "titties" can turn anything into a complement.

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    Submitted by ttesroD on Dec 30, 10 at 3:18pm

    Well, you didn't pay for something that small I would hope...?

  • Submitted by drw2342 on Dec 30, 10 at 12:11pm

    Complement? The world is "compliment," sweetheart. Good Lord. R.I.P English Language

  • Submitted by AlwaysHoping on Dec 30, 10 at 9:15am

    Well, it got me hard!