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  • Submitted by 69charger on Oct 16, 10 at 12:32pm

    Keeping it classy, was it pot luck too?

  • Submitted by eternityawaits on Oct 17, 10 at 9:58am

    They should hold your veil during bong hits.

  • Submitted by trueloveinmae on Oct 16, 10 at 11:38am

    Wouldn't a real friend hold your dress UP?

  • Submitted by justSTFU on Oct 16, 10 at 10:35am


  • Submitted by GUESS_WHAT on Oct 16, 10 at 12:20pm

    But that's cheating!

  • Submitted by royaltea on Oct 16, 10 at 7:04pm

    did ya'll roast a pig and smash beer cans on your face too?