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  • Submitted by zinger on Sep 22, 10 at 2:46pm

    Oh, Madison.

  • Submitted by ur_a_towel on Sep 22, 10 at 9:46pm

    There's too many uw's.

  • Submitted by jumpit on Sep 24, 10 at 1:26am

    I got my stomach pumped at uw hospital.... They acted like drunk college students was normal. Oh dear Madison how much I love you.

  • Submitted by beaver1374 on Sep 22, 10 at 6:01pm

    I did actually do that, only mine was Jack Daniel's induced appendicitis

    • Submitted by TEXAS_REBEL_YELL on Sep 23, 10 at 6:21pm

      how does alchohol cause appendicitis, i thought that it was caused by a build up of waste in the appendicitis that got infected. does alchohol help the waste fit in?

  • Submitted by afro on Sep 22, 10 at 5:43pm

    Lol I make franzia box wine, no good decisions come from it

  • Submitted by aspenrose on Sep 23, 10 at 8:05pm

    Well, UW knows their shit... there's no place to recognize alcohol-induced illnesses like Madison!

  • Submitted by pookie777 on Sep 22, 10 at 2:47pm

    you're retarded if you think think that illness was brand name specific

  • Submitted by Metallicaleb on Sep 22, 10 at 2:07pm

    Great first

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