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  • Submitted by NightGod on Sep 9, 10 at 2:14am

    I'm a dad who's like this, but I seriously need to know: what brand of cough syrup was it? I want to save myself a lot of taste testing...

  • Submitted by android69 on Sep 8, 10 at 9:41am

    I wish I had a mom...

  • Submitted by chellej on Sep 9, 10 at 2:36pm

    Where she get that at ? Most def want it

  • Submitted by mdguy301 on Sep 8, 10 at 12:31pm

    That sounds nasty.

  • Submitted by DestruKto on Sep 8, 10 at 10:26am

    Tonight at 11: mom arrested at CVS

  • Submitted by archer79 on Sep 8, 10 at 4:37pm

    If you see a worm at the bottom it isn't syrup

  • Submitted by adodson on Sep 8, 10 at 2:54pm

    Lol that's awesome, wish my mom were like that.

  • Submitted by SserPrun95 on Sep 8, 10 at 1:41pm

    your mom sounds like a former sorority party girl and you appear to be carrying on the tradition

  • Submitted by firstysarefags on Sep 8, 10 at 9:32am

    She wipe ur ass too??