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  • I hope you can't lose your weight once/if he leaves you. That'd be way funnier then this stupid ass txt.

    Submitted by diggitydank on Jun 16, 10 at 10:52am
  • Fat bitches give good head, it's science

    Submitted by stankpuss on Jun 16, 10 at 10:29am
  • I think this text was written at a KFC. Key words being, fat, tempted and chicken.

    Submitted by Halcion on Jun 16, 10 at 11:43am
  • Mmmmm...... Chicken

    Submitted by Mondu on Jun 16, 10 at 11:08am
  • This OP disgusts me

    Submitted by trke0302 on Jun 16, 10 at 10:58am
  • I've smashed some rather large ones before. It's all up to how big he likes you

    Submitted by Thrax on Jun 16, 10 at 10:27am
  • I'm Pretty Shure This Is A Fail unless your boyfriend is into the whole fat ass chick jumping on me thing but u can never no I'm also pretty shure that everytime he fucks you he'll have food set aside for both of you So techniacally it could be a win fuck I'm high

    Submitted by R3X on Jun 26, 10 at 7:38am
  • Play with fire, and you might get burned.

    Submitted by ButteredToast on Jun 16, 10 at 10:36am
  • Fast track to fattyville: eat more KFC Double Downs.

    Submitted by thedood on Jun 16, 10 at 11:47am
  • puke...both to the fact that your willing to just let ur ass get fatter out of spite and to the fact that anyone would eat a sandwich with chicken patties as the bun. lol

    Submitted by kayla_b on Jun 17, 10 at 12:28am
  • She loses either way

    Submitted by Michguy on Jun 17, 10 at 6:42am
  • I see only 1 clear loser here!

    Submitted by Leeworthy on Jun 16, 10 at 5:58pm
  • That'll work.....

    Submitted by Okie20 on Jun 16, 10 at 5:02pm
  • You have that low slef esteem? You mom did this once married to your dad?

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Jun 16, 10 at 2:25pm
  • What's a double down?

    Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 16, 10 at 9:30pm
  • What is with the BBW lovers? Maybe it's the only ones you can get, because I have no problem finding skinny ones that are way hotter, but I have good pot.

    Submitted by Br34kthr0ugh420 on Jun 16, 10 at 11:02am
    • Maybe some of us just prefer a bigger woman? Ever thought of that d-bag?

      Submitted by Stargazer77 on Jun 16, 10 at 11:46am