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  • Submitted by janeplaysdirty01 on Jun 10, 10 at 2:02pm

    I thought it was when you realize your drinking limits and no longer get black out drunk and make a sloppy mess of yourself.

  • Submitted by slither80 on Jun 11, 10 at 2:23am

    Puke and Rally. The sign of a true champion.

  • Submitted by MoFruity on Jun 10, 10 at 1:17pm

    or that you've finally become an alcoholic.

  • Submitted by jasboo on Jun 10, 10 at 12:04pm

    i don't wanna grow up! i'm a toys'r'us kid...

  • Submitted by FistedSister on Jun 11, 10 at 1:22am

    At some point, you just have to admit that you're an alcoholic. From there on out, if history is any guide, you're options are limited and you're going to have to realize that the highest level of success that you can achieve in life as a raging alcoholic is becoming a renowned poet, influential author, revolutionary physicist, legendary painter, musical composer, sports hero, politician, military general, or President of the USA. Just sayin'

  • Submitted by powerranger on Jun 10, 10 at 10:36am

    Yep, Sounds about right.

  • Submitted by meattastic on Jun 10, 10 at 6:35pm

    aaaaah... Self-actualization.

  • Submitted by Bloodknight on Jun 10, 10 at 11:32am

    I agree with ya there... Kudos!

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 10, 10 at 1:56pm

    I consider successful 1) not blacking out and 2) if I puke, making sure no one knows but me

  • Submitted by Rosamondmoonpie on Jun 10, 10 at 1:39pm

    I thought it was when u stop black out puking...