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    Submitted by cmidfield14 on May 21, 10 at 11:22am

    Quite an observation there Einstein.

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    Submitted by cfreymarc on May 21, 10 at 3:46pm

    She owes to an all nighter or a threesome with a third of your choice for that.

  • Submitted by PokerStacks on May 21, 10 at 11:42am

    I hate when people post "first" like really???? Good for you, I remember when I was first to post, Jack ass!!!!

  • Submitted by Glazed on May 21, 10 at 11:19am


  • Submitted by Anonymous on May 21, 10 at 11:15am


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      Submitted by Megrathea42 on May 22, 10 at 4:44am

      Remember that time when you were relevant? Neither do the rest of us.